First PNP Draw of February

Manitoba’s First PNP Draw of February: Inviting 282 Candidates

Manitoba recently conducted an Expression of Interest (EOI) draw on February 8, 2024, signaling the start of its selection process for skilled workers seeking provincial nomination.

Key Details of Manitoba’s Latest Draw

The latest draw by the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) resulted in invitations being extended to 282 candidates across all three MPNP streams: Skilled Worker in Manitoba, International Education Stream, and Skilled Worker Overseas.


Breakdown of Invitations by Stream

Skilled Worker in Manitoba

  • Number of Letters of Advice to Apply issued: 151
  • Ranking score of lowest-ranked candidate invited: 619

International Education Stream

  • Number of Letters of Advice to Apply issued: 83
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Skilled Worker Overseas

  • Number of Letters of Advice to Apply issued: 48
  • Ranking score of lowest-ranked candidate invited: 713

Special Consideration for Express Entry Candidates

Out of the 282 invitations issued, 26 were granted to candidates who declared a valid Express Entry profile number and job seeker validation code, emphasizing Manitoba’s commitment to attracting skilled workers with ties to the federal Express Entry system.

Significance of Close Relative in Manitoba Selection Category

This draw marked only the fourth occasion where Manitoba included invitations under the “Close Relative in Manitoba Selection” category within the Skilled Worker in Manitoba stream. Previous instances of such draws occurred on November 30, 2023, December 28, 2023, and January 11, 2024, indicating a deliberate effort to prioritize candidates with close ties to the province.

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Application Process for Invited Candidates

If you were fortunate to receive an invitation to this Manitoba draw, you are now granted a 60-day window to submit a complete application to the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP). It’s essential to adhere to the specified timeline to ensure timely processing of your application.

Application Fees and Other Considerations

Please note that the MPNP imposes a non-refundable application fee of CAD 500, which must be paid upon submission of your application. Additionally, ensure that you meet all eligibility criteria and provide accurate documentation to support your application.

Manitoba’s first PNP draw of February marks a significant opportunity for skilled workers aspiring to immigrate to the province. By issuing invitations across various streams, Manitoba demonstrates its commitment to selecting candidates with diverse skill sets and backgrounds.

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As an invited candidate, it’s imperative to initiate the application process promptly, ensuring compliance with all requirements set forth by the MPNP. By doing so, you can maximize your chances of securing provincial nomination and ultimately achieving your goal of settling in Manitoba, Canada.

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