Manitoba PNP's Draw

Manitoba PNP’s Draw Invited 436 Candidates for Provincial Nomination

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) continues to take strides in its efforts to attract skilled workers and international graduates, contributing to the province’s diverse and thriving labor market. The latest Manitoba PNP’s Draw of November 2, 2023, marked another significant step in this direction, as 400 candidates were issued invitations under all three MPNP streams: Skilled Worker in Manitoba, International Education Stream, and Skilled Worker Overseas. Moreover, Manitoba’s other PNP draw, conducted on November 3rd, added 36 More LAAs for Ukrainian Candidates.

Here’s a Closer Look at The Details of the Draw:

Skilled Worker in Manitoba

Letters of Advice to Apply (LAAs) issued: 204

Ranking score of the lowest-ranked candidate invited: 785

International Education Stream

LAAs issued to profiles meeting International Education Stream requirements: 131

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Skilled Worker Overseas

LAAs issued to profiles directly invited by the MPNP under a Strategic Recruitment Initiative: 65

Ranking score of the lowest-ranked candidate invited: 708

It’s worth noting that out of the 400 LAAs issued, 60 were given to candidates who declared a valid Express Entry profile number and job seeker validation code. This underscores Manitoba’s commitment to welcoming a diverse pool of candidates through its nomination program.

The November 2nd draw is part of a series of invitation rounds that have seen an increase in the number of invitations issued with lower scores. These back-to-back draws indicate Manitoba’s intention to expand the pool of eligible candidates for provincial nominations.

The November 3rd draw is a compassionate response to the Ukraine crisis and in alignment with Canada’s immigration policies, exclusively for those affected by the Ukrainian events.

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Understanding Manitoba’s EOI System

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program’s Expression of Interest (EOI) system is a crucial pathway for immigrants seeking to live and work in Manitoba. Here’s how it works:

Create an EOI: To get started, candidates must create an online profile in the Manitoba PNP system. This profile collects information about your age, education, work experience, language skills, and other relevant details.

Scoring System: Once your profile is complete, it is scored based on the information you provide. Higher scores increase your chances of being invited to apply for a provincial nomination.

Draws: Manitoba regularly conducts draws to invite candidates with the highest scores to apply for a nomination. If you receive an invitation, you can then proceed with the application process.

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Nomination: In successfully applied, the province of Manitoba might extend a nomination, elevating you as a prospective candidate for approval by the Canadian authorities. Subsequently, the ultimate determination concerning your eligibility for permanent residency in Canada shall be made by the federal government. The Manitoba PNP’s commitment to attracting skilled workers and international graduates underscores its dedication to building a diverse and thriving labor market, ultimately benefiting both the province and those seeking new opportunities in Canada. If you’re considering applying through the MPNP, staying updated on the latest draws and program details is essential to maximize your chances of success.

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