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IRCC Extends Support to Moroccan Nationals Affected by Earthquake

In response to the devastating earthquake that struck Morocco on September 8, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has announced significant measures to assist affected individuals. These measures aim to provide support to Moroccan nationals who were in Canada at the time of the earthquake, facilitating their ability to extend their stay in the country and navigate through temporary and permanent residence applications.

Priority Processing for Affected Individuals

IRCC has prioritized the processing of temporary and permanent residence applications submitted on or before September 8, 2023, from individuals impacted by the earthquake. This includes applications for visitor visas for immediate family members of Canadian citizens and permanent residents, as well as existing refugee resettlement applications.

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Extension of Temporary Status

Effective from October 19, 2023, Moroccan nationals currently in Canada can apply for an extension of their temporary status at no cost. This extension allows them to continue their studies, work, or visit family members in Canada, providing them with much-needed stability during this challenging time.

Passport Waiver for Permanent Resident Visa

Acknowledging the difficulties faced by those who have lost their documents due to the earthquake, IRCC will waive the requirement to hold a passport or travel document for Moroccan nationals applying for a permanent resident visa to come to Canada.

Fee Waivers for Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents

Canadian citizens and permanent residents from Morocco returning to Canada will benefit from fee waivers for temporary passports, limited-validity passports, emergency travel documents, Canadian citizenship certificates, and permanent resident travel documents. These fee waivers aim to alleviate financial burdens and facilitate smooth travel arrangements.

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Supporting Relief Efforts

IRCC’s initiatives are part of Canada’s broader response to the situation in Morocco. Beyond immigration measures, the Canadian government has collaborated with international organizations, including the International Red Cross and Red Crescent, to raise funds for humanitarian needs in the region. Quebec’s government has also pledged significant financial support towards relief efforts in Morocco.

Growing Moroccan Community in Canada

According to the 2021 census, Canada is home to a substantial Moroccan community, with 81,775 people reporting Morocco as their place of birth. Among them, 12,835 are recent immigrants, with many choosing to settle in Montreal, Quebec’s largest French-speaking city. The support extended by both federal and provincial governments reflects Canada’s commitment to assisting its diverse immigrant population during times of crisis.

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IRCC’s measures to support Moroccan nationals affected by the earthquake demonstrate Canada’s dedication to assisting those in need. As the situation evolves, IRCC will continue to monitor developments and provide further updates as required.

By extending a helping hand to Moroccan nationals, Canada reaffirms its commitment to compassion, inclusivity, and solidarity, standing in solidarity with those affected by the earthquake and offering support during their time of need.

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