How to Succeed As An International Student in Canada?

Every year, hundreds of thousands of international students move to Canada for a better future. Be its world-class education, or use education as a pathway to permanent residency in Canada, attaining success as an international student will surely promise a bright future. Here’s a quick guide to help you with your academic journey in Canada.

Financial Planning is Important

The money a foreign student brings from their home country run out quickly, to avoid this, one needs to have a proper budget. It is essential to have a financial plan in place, so one can save and spend wisely. Smart planning also helps avoid financial worries while studying in Canada. One is judiciously to keep a track of their expenses, and savings and always ensure to have enough money to meet the emergency expenses that may arise.

Building a credit history is also essential to ensure financial success in Canada. As a student, one requires a good credit score to rent accommodation, buy a mobile phone, or even a car loan. one can start by opening a student bank account and getting a credit card to build a credit history.

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Learn the Art of Balancing Studies, Work and Play

It is very important to balance academic and extracurricular activities together. Make use of your course timetable to outline a schedule that permits time for everything you aim for, including studying, networking, socializing, and working part-time. In case your study permit allows you to work part-time, we suggest you do some research to check if you will have the time to work. Do not commit yourself to more work than you can manage, always make time for your studies and well-being.

Build a Support System

A good support system can keep a person going and motivated toward goals. Most international students feel a little homesick during their first few months. Having motivating and supportive friends around is helpful and also widens your worldview as a diverse social circle will expose you to view new ideas and perspectives.

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Networking is the Key

Professional social networks such as LinkedIn are a great source to build an effective network with people who had similar journeys or are in professional roles you aspire to. It plays a key role in academic and professional success in Canada.

Internship and Co-op Opportunities

Summer internships and co-op placements are a great way to experience the industry and apply your skills in practice. Most of the study programs include work experience as a part of their curriculum. One needs to apply for a co-op or intern work permit and might be asked to submit a copy of the study permit and a letter from the school to state that the internship is a requirement for getting a degree.

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Apply for a Part-Time Job

For most of the international students, part-time jobs are not just a way of generating extra money, however, also help them grow their network and gain work experience in Canada. If your study permit allows you to take up part-time work, you can select to work on-off campus. This will help you enhance your skills, work with inspiring people and apply your knowledge.

Prepare for the Job Market

While you’re studying in Canada, there will be a lot of opportunities to build your professional network, improve your skills, research companies you’d like to work with, and get some hands-on work experience.

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