Expression of Interest Draw #215

Manitoba Sent 327 Invites in the Expression of Interest Draw #215

In the recent Expression of Interest (EOI) draw #215 conducted by Manitoba Immigration Pathways, candidates under the Skilled Worker in Manitoba pathway who completed their post-secondary studies in Manitoba were invited to apply. Below are the details of this draw and what it means for prospective immigrants.

203 Letters of Advice to Apply Issued

A total of 203 Letters of Advice to Apply were issued to candidates who declared completion of post-secondary education in Manitoba. This pathway offers opportunities for individuals who have studied in Manitoba to establish their careers and contribute to the province’s workforce.

International Education Stream

The International Education Stream was also active in this draw, with 66 Letters of Advice to Apply issued to candidates who met the eligibility requirements and declared at least four years of work experience in the past five years. This stream aims to attract skilled professionals with international educational backgrounds to Manitoba.

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Skilled Worker Overseas Pathway

Under the Skilled Worker Overseas pathway, 58 Letters of Advice to Apply were issued to candidates who were directly invited by the MPNP under a Strategic Recruitment Initiative. This pathway targets individuals with specific skills and experiences identified as priorities for Manitoba’s labor market needs.

Consideration for Express Entry Candidates

Out of the total 327 Letters of Advice to Apply issued in this draw, 68 were allocated to candidates who declared a valid Express Entry profile number and job seeker validation code. This highlights Manitoba’s commitment to attracting skilled individuals from the federal Express Entry pool to address its labor market demands.

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Important Notes for Candidates

Candidates who received a Letter of Advice to Apply are reminded to ensure the accuracy of their Expression of Interest profiles. Any discrepancies, such as incomplete language test information or missing Invitation Numbers, may result in candidates not being selected for future draws.

Additionally, candidates working in regulated occupations must ensure they are fully licensed to work in Manitoba. Failure to provide proof of licensing may result in the refusal of their applications.

The Expression of Interest draw #215 reflects Manitoba’s ongoing efforts to attract skilled individuals who can contribute to the province’s economic growth and prosperity. By targeting candidates with Manitoba educational backgrounds, international work experience, and specific skill sets, Manitoba Immigration Pathways aims to address its labor market needs and enhance its multicultural fabric. Prospective immigrants are encouraged to stay updated with Manitoba’s immigration pathways and requirements to maximize their chances of success in future draws.

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