Express Entry Trade Occupations Draw

IRCC Conducts Express Entry Draw Targeting Trade Occupations

Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) continues its Express Entry draws, with the latest one focusing on candidates in trade occupations. This draw, held on December 19, saw the issuance of 1,000 invitations to apply (ITAs) for permanent residence. Here we will shed some light on the details of this draw and provide an overview of Express Entry draws since June 2023.

The Trade Occupations Draw

IRCC’s recent draw specifically targeted candidates with skills in trade occupations. To be eligible for an ITA, candidates needed a minimum Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score of 425. This draw followed an all-program draw on December 18, where 1,325 candidates received ITAs with a minimum CRS score of 542.

Recent Express Entry Draws

The week leading up to this draw witnessed various Express Entry activities. On December 8, a category-based selection draw for candidates in STEM occupations issued 5,900 ITAs, requiring a minimum CRS score of 481. Additionally, a draw on December 7 focused on candidates with French language proficiency, inviting 1,000 individuals from the Express Entry pool with a minimum CRS of 470.

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An all-program draw took place on December 6, targeting candidates with a minimum CRS of 561. Notably, this draw marked the end of a pause that lasted over a month, with the last draw being a category-based selection for healthcare occupations on October 26.

IRCC’s Response to Draw Pause

While IRCC did not officially confirm the reason for the temporary pause in draws, a tweet on November 14 mentioned an IT issue with the Express Entry profile builder for candidates trying to upload their final application. Although the glitch was fixed by November 16, draws did not immediately resume, leaving room for speculation about potential causes, such as meeting targets, IT issues, staffing changes, or updates to the CRS.

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A Recap of Express Entry Draws Since June 2023

Here is a summary of Express Entry draws held since June 2023:

  • Dec 19 – Trade Occupations: 1,000 ITAs, Minimum CRS 425
  • Dec 18 – All-program: 1,325 ITAs, Minimum CRS 542
  • Dec 8 – STEM Occupations: 5,900 ITAs, Minimum CRS 481
  • Dec 7 – French Language Proficiency: 1,000 ITAs, Minimum CRS 470
  • Dec 6 – All-program: 4,750 ITAs, Minimum CRS 561
  • Oct 26 – Healthcare Occupations: 3,600 ITAs, Minimum CRS 431

Understanding Express Entry

Express Entry is a comprehensive application management system overseeing economic immigration programs like the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), Canadian Experience Class (CEC), and Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP). The system utilizes the CRS to assess candidates based on work experience, language ability, education, age, and occupation.

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Category-Based Selection

Introduced in May, category-based selection rounds focus on candidates with specific, in-demand attributes beneficial for Canada’s workforce and economy. While one category targets candidates with French language proficiency, the remaining five address labor shortages in sectors such as healthcare, STEM professions, trades, transport, and agriculture.

ITAs issued in these rounds contribute to the targets outlined in the Immigration Levels Plan, aiming to admit up to 114,000 new permanent residents annually through Express Entry by the end of 2025. The recent draw targeting trade occupations underlines Canada’s commitment to addressing sector-specific needs and enhancing its workforce diversity through the Express Entry system. Prospective immigrants are encouraged to stay updated on draw trends and eligibility criteria to navigate the immigration process effectively.

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