Express Entry STEM Draw

IRCC Holds Inaugural Express Entry STEM Draw

On July 5, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) held its first Express Entry STEM draw. This draw primarily focused on inviting candidates from science, technology, engineering, and mathematics job backgrounds. These candidates have expertise in these occupations which will further assist in the economic growth of the country. Here in this article, we will comprehensively highlight the details of this Express Entry draw.

Express Entry STEM Draw: An Overview

In response to the increasing demand for skilled professionals, IRCC initiated the Express Entry STEM draw, targeting individuals with STEM backgrounds. The draw was conducted in two rounds, with a total of 500 candidates receiving invitations in each round. To be eligible, candidates needed to have a minimum Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score of 486.

Expectations and Previous Draws

The IRCC had announced the forthcoming Express Entry draw for STEM professionals the previous week, generating anticipation among potential candidates. Prior to the STEM draw, IRCC had also organized another draw, inviting 500 healthcare workers with a minimum CRS score of 476. This marked the lowest CRS score requirement in any Express Entry draw in 2023.

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All-Program Draw and Healthcare Worker Invitations

In addition to the STEM draw, IRCC conducted an all-program draw, inviting 700 candidates from the Federal Skilled Worker Program, the Canadian Experience Class, and the Federal Skilled Trades Program. These candidates were required to have a minimum CRS score of 511. Simultaneously, IRCC announced another round of invitations specifically for 1,500 healthcare workers, further emphasizing Canada’s focus on bolstering its healthcare sector.

Occupations Eligible for STEM Draw

The IRCC provided a comprehensive list of occupations eligible for the STEM draw. This draw includes candidates from the field of architecture, engineering, and to name a few. The selection of these occupations was based on labor market projections, consultations with IRCC partners, stakeholders, and discussions with provincial and territorial governments.

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The Significance of the STEM Draw

The primary objective behind conducting the Express Entry STEM draw is to address the growing demand for skilled professionals in Canada. By prioritizing skilled newcomers with STEM experience, the country aims to fill crucial positions that contribute to economic growth and technological advancement.

Category-Based Selection Criteria and Future Draws

On May 31, Sean Fraser, Canada’s Minister of Immigration, announced the finalization of new category-based selection criteria for Express Entry draws. These criteria were developed based on labor market projections, consultations, and discussions with various stakeholders, including provincial and territorial governments. Alongside the STEM category, other categories include healthcare, trades, transportation, agriculture, agri-food, and strong French-language proficiency. These new selection criteria have been introduced to support Canada’s economic priorities and address labor market gaps. The IRCC’s first-ever Express Entry STEM draw marks a significant milestone in Canada’s immigration system. By focusing on skilled newcomers in STEM fields, the country is making strategic efforts to fill key positions and meet the demand for talent. The inclusion of category-based selection draws allows Canada to prioritize immigrants based on their expertise and contribute to the nation’s economic growth. With future draws expected to cover various sectors, the IRCC continues to shape immigration policies that align with Canada’s evolving economic priorities.

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