Afghan Refugees

Canada Invited 47,010 Afghan Refugees through Special Immigration Programs

In an important update on February 1, 2024, the Canadian government reaffirmed its commitment to providing support for Afghan refugees, with 47,010 individuals welcomed since August 2021. The most recent data reveals that Canada has embraced 1,190 Afghan refugees since January 3, 2023, showcasing an ongoing dedication to humanitarian efforts.

Special Immigration Measures Program

At the heart of Canada’s response is the Special Immigration Measures Program, specifically designed for Afghan nationals who played a crucial role in supporting the Government of Canada. The overwhelming response saw 20,530 applications, emphasizing the profound connection between the Afghan community and Canada. Following rigorous assessments, 14,325 applications received approval, resulting in 13,655 Afghan refugees finding a new home in Canada under this government-assisted refugee program.

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Canada’s commitment to international collaboration is evident in the Humanitarian Program, which has opened doors for 24,545 Afghan nationals. This program is a testament to the synergy between Canadian authorities, trusted international partners, and private sponsors. It underscores a collective dedication to providing refuge and assistance to those in need, ensuring that those seeking safety and stability find it in the welcoming arms of Canada.

Immigration Pathway for Extended Family Members

In a bid to reunite families torn apart by conflict, Canada established the Pathway for extended family members of former interpreters. This unique permanent residence pathway is reserved for interpreters already residing in Canada, having resettled under public policies from 2009 or 2012. The success of this program is palpable, with 3,235 extended family members welcomed into Canada. This initiative has provided a sense of security and stability and reinforced the nation’s commitment to reuniting families affected by global conflicts.

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Canada’s continuous efforts to extend a helping hand to Afghan refugees underscore its role as a compassionate and inclusive nation, dedicated to providing a new beginning for those seeking refuge. The numbers reflect not just statistics but stories of resilience, hope, and the promise of a brighter future in the true spirit of Canadian hospitality.

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