Canada—Even More Attractive to Skilled Immigrants as the US Extends its Work Visa Ban

The US decision to extend the work visa ban till March 2021 has highlighted the sharp contrast between the immigration systems of the US and Canada.

If you are a skilled worker or a student planning to study abroad, then you need to understand the implications of this decision even if it ultimately gets revoked when President Biden takes charge.

Job Loss Due to Skilled Worker Immigration—Simply Impossible

All countries are wary about allowing employers to replace domestic workers with cheap foreign talent.

This is why countries require employers to prove that there’s no domestic talent available for the position being filled by the foreign skilled workers. This is done through the Labor Condition Application in the US and the Labor Market Impact Assessment in Canada.

So, the basic premise that foreign skilled workers steal jobs from domestic workers is untenable.

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Banning Skilled Worker Immigration—Not a Remedy

The US has banned work visas and economic immigration since April 2020 while Canada allowed immigration to continue unrestricted.

Data shows the two economies have performed similarly—a sharp surge in unemployment and rapid fall in productivity at the peak of the pandemic followed by strong recovery as the situation stabilized.

This suggests allowing or stopping immigration is of no relevance to the economic impact of the pandemic.

The Real Message—Immigrants Not Welcome!

Across the world, countries are always eager to welcome skilled workers from foreign countries. A skilled worker with a college education and good language skills is an economic asset that will contribute to the growth of the economy of the destination country.

Yet, strangely, the US seems very keen on discouraging skilled workers from entering the country. The decision to extend the work visa ban till March 2021 sends a very negative message to foreign skilled workers. The message is that the US doesn’t want you no matter how skill, talent, qualification, or experience you possess.

Even if the new administration allows the ban to end in March or even revokes the same, the underlying message that skilled immigrants are not welcome in the US will resonate for a long time to come.

Canada Gains from US Mistakes

Over the past four-five years, Canada has gained at the US’ expense in terms of international admissions, tech workers, skilled workers with advanced degrees, and big employers.

With Canada increasing its immigration target over the next three years and issuing record number of ITAs even during the pandemic, it is clear that Canada has become the preferred immigration destination for foreign skilled workers.

One powerful factor that works to Canada’s advantage is that it has a transparent and merit-centric immigration system.

From Express Entry’s Comprehensive Ranking Score to the scoring grids of various federal and provincial programs, one can easily assess one’s immigration chances before even beginning the application process.

Even if the US revamps its entire immigration system, which is easier said than done, Canada has a significant lead in terms of attracting employers as well as skilled talent—workers as well as students—that makes it impossible to ignore as an immigration destination.

Give yourself the advantage of professional immigration assistance and explore your options for studying, working, or settling in the US as well as Canada at the earliest.

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