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British Columbia Latest Skills Immigration Draw Invites 195 Candidates for Permanent Residency

The most recent draw conducted by the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) on August 09, 2023, marked another significant step in facilitating the entry of foreign workers and international graduates into the province. The province extended Invitations to Apply (ITAs) to 195 candidates. This draw highlights the province’s commitment to overcoming labor market needs.

This draw, which was the second Skills Immigration draw in August, followed a similar pattern to the earlier invitation round on August 01, where 199 Foreign Workers and International Graduates were issued ITAs. The consecutive draws underscore the province’s dedication to attracting a diverse pool of skilled individuals to contribute to its economy and community.

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Eligibility for the BC PNP draw was contingent on candidates attaining a minimum Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score of 60. This requirement ensured that those invited to apply possessed a competitive level of skills and experience that align with the province’s economic priorities.

The BC PNP draw was categorized into distinct segments, each designed to address specific occupational needs and contribute to the province’s workforce in a targeted manner.

Category 1: General Draw (Including Tech Occupations)

One of the focal points of the BC PNP draw was the General Draw category, which encompassed a wide range of occupations, including the technology sector. A total of 139 invitations were extended to candidates falling under the Entry-Level & Semi-Skilled, Skilled Workers, and International Graduates streams. This inclusive approach aimed to tap into a diverse skillset, ensuring that the province remains equipped with a versatile workforce.

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Candidates in this category were required to meet a minimum CRS score ranging from 88 to 110, depending on the specific stream. This ensured that those with higher levels of expertise and qualifications were given preference in line with the province’s economic priorities.

Category 2: Targeted Draw (Childcare: Early Childhood Educators and Assistants – NOC 42202)

Acknowledging the significance of the childcare sector, the BC PNP conducted a targeted draw to address shortages in early childhood educators and assistants. The province has issued 34 invitations to skilled workers and international graduates specializing in this field with a minimum CRS score of 60.

Category 3: Targeted Draw (Healthcare)

The healthcare sector remains a focal point for immigration initiatives, given the global demand for medical professionals. In alignment with this, the BC PNP extended invitations to 22 skilled workers and international graduates within the healthcare sector.

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With a minimum CRS score of 60, this draw aimed to bridge gaps in the province’s medical workforce and ensure the delivery of quality healthcare services.

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