Another ‘TR to PR’ Pathway on the Way—Are you Ready for Canada Permanent Residence

Another ‘TR to PR’ Pathway on the Way—Are you Ready for Canada Permanent Residence?

Canada is planning to come up with a new pathway to Canada Permanent Residence for international students and temporary workers.

The House of Commons has mandated the Immigration Minister to come up with new pathways within 120 days. This means there is a very high probability of Canada introducing a ‘TR to PR’ like program on or before this date. Also, Canada is resuming all-program Express Entry draws from July 6, 2022.

This means Canada may be trying to meet its immigration targets for 2022 and 2023 by a combination of FSWP candidates outside Canada and temporary workers and international students already in the country.

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How to Prepare for the New Canada Immigration Pathway?

The Immigration Minister has expressly referred to the 120-day period as a deadline to setup a new permanent residency pathway for international students and foreign workers. So, the smart thing to do is to prepare for the new pathway so that you can quickly transition from a temporary to permanent residence.

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Here are five steps that you can take today to ensure you are ready for the new opportunity to quickly become a Canadian permanent resident.

Check and Recheck your Documentation

There is no point in speculating about the eligibility requirements for the new pathway. You have no choice but wait for the formal announcement to find out whether you are eligible for PR through the new pathway.

Instead, use this time to check and recheck all your documents. Do you have valid status in Canada? Do you have your language test results in hand? Are the test results still valid?

Do you have a foreign degree? If yes, then did you get the Educational Credentials Assessment done for it? Is the ECA valid and will it remain valid through the entire PR process?

From the validity of your passport to medical test results, it’s important to have all your documents in order to ensure there are no complications in the PR process.

This is very important because any issue or problem in your documentation can hurt your prospects even if you end up being eligible to apply for PR through the new pathway.

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Identify Potential Pitfalls

Becoming a permanent resident of Canada involves something more than just filling application forms and waiting for the Invitation to Apply. There may be issues or problems in your profile that may require professional immigration assistance.

Play it safe before the new pathway and get your profile assessed by an immigration attorney. From valid reference letters and other documents to potential issues related to medical or criminal inadmissibility, it is best if you identify potential pitfalls and undertake remedial measures at the earliest.

Prepare for Short Application Timelines

The ‘TR to PR’ pathway that was announced in 2021 had a first-come first-served application process. This meant simply being eligible to apply was not enough. You also had to get your application into the system before the pathway’s application cap was hit.

The new pathway too may have such an application system, which means you need to be ready for very short application timelines.

This is where working with an immigration professional can be very helpful. Instead of finding your way through the rules of the pathway, you can use the experience and expertise of the immigration attorney to get your application into the system without any delays.

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Can You Apply in 24 Hours?

If the pathway were to be announced today, can you file your completed application with all necessary proofs and documents tomorrow? If not, then this is a benchmark that you must target.

Having all the necessary documents and information at hand so that you can file your application at the earliest is the safest way to ensure you don’t miss out on the new pathways.

This means you must have complete clarity about your profile and its various aspects and facets. Remember, even the smallest mistake puts you at risk of losing out on this opportunity.

If you are really serious about immigrating to Canada and want to utilize all available opportunities, then this new pathway should rank high on your list of priorities.

The best thing about preparing your file is that you will automatically be prepared for ITAs through Express Entry or PNP streams even if you fail to become a permanent resident through the new pathway.

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