AAIP-Express Entry Draw

Alberta Invited 49 Candidates in the AAIP-Express Entry Draw: Insights and Opportunities

Seeking a pathway to Canadian immigration with promising prospects? Alberta’s Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP) – Express Entry stream might just be the ticket. On April 17, 2024, Alberta extended invitations to 49 candidates to apply for provincial nomination, setting the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score requirement as low as 302 points. Let’s unpack the details of this draw and its implications for aspiring immigrants.

Highlights of AAIP Express Entry – April 17, 2024

Alberta’s latest draw, conducted on April 17, 2024, introduced a dedicated Healthcare Pathway. This pathway targets candidates with Alberta job offers and CRS scores of 300 and above. Notably, among the 49 Notifications of Interest letters issued, candidates with a CRS score of merely 302 points secured their spots.

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11 AAIP – Express Entry Draws in 2024

With this latest draw, Alberta has now extended invitations to a total of 459 candidates to apply for provincial nomination in 2024. This achievement underscores a series of 11 AAIP-Express Entry draws conducted throughout the year, providing skilled individuals with a pathway to pursue permanent residency in Canada.

Recent Updates to Alberta PNP

In a recent update on April 23, 2024, Alberta PNP announced the conclusion of temporary processing measures for Ukrainian nationals, effective April 30, 2024. Additionally, the AAIP introduced updates to fees across various streams, including worker streams, entrepreneur streams, and expression of interest submissions.

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Alberta’s Ongoing Efforts

The latest AAIP-Express Entry draw demonstrates Alberta’s continuous efforts to attract skilled professionals and address labor market needs. With a focus on inclusivity and opportunity, Alberta’s Express Entry stream serves as a conduit for individuals to realize their aspirations of Canadian permanent residency. Stay tuned for further updates as we navigate the dynamic landscape of Canadian immigration.

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