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job in canada

Busting the ‘No Canada Job = No Canada Immigration’ Myth for Skilled Workers

Many skilled workers make the mistake of thinking that failure to get a job in Canada means their dream of working and settling in Canada is over. Getting a job is certainly a long-term requirement to have a stable and settled life in Canada. However, it’s completely wrong to say that Canada immigration is impossible...

International Graduates

No Room for Complacency—A Million Job Vacancies Doesn’t Mean Canada Immigration is Easy for International Graduates

A million job vacancies in Canada! Vacant job positions hit record high in Canada! Finding a job in Canada has never been easier! Headlines like these may make it seem like simply studying in Canada is enough for international graduates to land a job here. There’s no doubt that the pandemic has resulted in a...

Startup Immigration

Comparing Business and Startup Immigration in Canada as Alberta introduces Startup Visa PNP Stream

Is Canada immigration all about just skilled worker immigration? Certainly not! Can I immigrate to Canada if I own a business or have a startup idea? Definitely! Is business immigration the same as startup immigration in Canada? No. What’s the difference between business and startup immigration in Canada? There are many similarities but some key...

Canada’s immigration

World’s Favorite Immigration Destination—Pilot Programs Key to Canada’s Successful Skilled Immigration Strategy

What’s the biggest difference between Canada’s immigration system and the immigration framework of other developed countries? In one word—stability. Canada’s immigration system is always changing. New programs and streams are being introduced. Provinces are updating the list of their in-demand occupations. Immigration draws are being held all the time and authorities are changing and revising...

Tech Talent Pathway Plans

Skilled Workers, Startup Founders, Entrepreneurs, Foreign Students—Options Galore for Canada Immigration

More and more developed countries are realizing the importance of having a meritocratic, transparent, and predictable immigration system, especially for skilled workers and other economic immigrants. A chaotic immigration system with arbitrary rule changes and frequent controversial proposals pushes not just skilled workers but even internationals students to other more immigration-friendly destinations. It’s safe to...