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PNP Draw Results

Saskatchewan, Ontario, Manitoba, and British Columbia Released PNP Draw Results

This week, Canadian provinces Saskatchewan, Ontario, British Columbia, and Manitoba released their PNP draw results. Most Canadian provinces and territories except Quebec and Nunavut manage their PNPs. Through the PNP programs, interested applicants are invited to apply for a provincial nomination. However, a provincial nomination is not similar to a permanent residence, it can act...

Skilled Workers

Destination Ontario— Overview of Work Permit and Ontario PNP Options for Skilled Workers

A look at Canada immigration numbers over the past 10-20 years has one thing in common—the dominance of Ontario. Since 2010, there have been many years when Ontario’s share of total immigrants entering Canada has been more than 50 percent. Simply put, more than half of all immigrants settling in Canada choose to settle in...

Immigrant Retention

Immigrant Retention—Key Metric to Identify Best Provinces and Cities for Canada Immigration

What’s the best province in Canada for skilled workers? This question may seem very simple, but this is probably the most complicated aspect of immigrating to Canada. Choosing the right province can make life very easy for you and your family in Canada. Conversely, settling in the wrong province can have a negative impact on...

Canada’s Immigration Backlog

Foreign Professionals Welcome in Ontario—Liberalized Work Experience Rules and Faster Processing Ahead

Ontario may be Canada’s preferred destination for foreign immigrants but the province is facing the problem of more than a hundred thousand vacancies, especially in regulated professions. As per latest data, just one in four skilled immigrants in Ontario was employed in the regulated professions for which he/she has formal training and experience. Obviously, Ontario...

Best Canadian Province for Immigrants

Best Canadian Province for Immigrants—Ignore Affordable Housing and Quality of Life at Your Own Peril!

In 2020, five Canadian provinces received around 256,000 immigrants. The top-ranked province received more than 127,000 immigrants while the other four provinces received 128,500 immigrants. And what is that province that got almost as many immigrants as four other Canadian provinces? Ontario. Preferred province for skilled workers—Ontario. Biggest tech hub in Canada attracting foreign tech...

Canada Immigration

Province Focus Series – Overview of Ontario’s Economy, Education, Lifestyle, and Provincial Nomination Options for Immigrants

  Province Focus Series – Overview of Ontario’s Economy, Education, Lifestyle, and Provincial Nomination Options for Immigrants With the largest population and the fastest-growing economy among all Canadian provinces, Ontario is the preferred destination for a majority of foreign skilled workers as well as international students seeking a future in Canada. Read ahead for ImmigCanada’s...

Working Holiday Visa

How Will Covid-19 Impact Immigration Programs of Quebec and Other Canadian Provinces?

Quebec and Ontario account for more than 85 percent of all the Covid-19 cases in Canada and unemployment rates for April 2020 for these two provinces have risen significantly. Further, the two provinces have witnessed the biggest fall in number of hours worked between February and April 2020.  Yet, this doesn’t mean the economic impact...