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Immigrants are Fueling Canada’s Startup Success Stories—Is Your Startup Idea Ready to Fly

Immigrants are Fueling Canada’s Startup Success Stories—Is Your Startup Idea Ready to Fly?

Excited about the idea of immigrating to Canada but not sure you fit into any of the skilled worker immigration programs? If you are an entrepreneur looking for options other than the conventional business immigration streams of different PNPs, then Canada’s Startup Visa program may be just the perfect option for you. Immigration and Canada...

Startup Immigration

Comparing Business and Startup Immigration in Canada as Alberta introduces Startup Visa PNP Stream

Is Canada immigration all about just skilled worker immigration? Certainly not! Can I immigrate to Canada if I own a business or have a startup idea? Definitely! Is business immigration the same as startup immigration in Canada? No. What’s the difference between business and startup immigration in Canada? There are many similarities but some key...

Canada’s Startup Visa

Startup Visas for Entrepreneurs—What Makes Canada’s Startup Visa the Best Choice in the World?

There are more than a dozen countries in the world today that have a specific visa program aimed at startup founders. A disruptive startup idea has the potential of accelerating innovation in the economy along with other benefits like rapid job growth, wealth creation, and development of related business ideas and ventures. Here is a...

The Quebec Business/Entrepreneur Program

Is it Time for a Federal Business Immigration Program for Entrepreneurs in Canada?

Is Canada’s immigration system focusing too much on skilled workers at the cost of entrepreneurs and business immigration? Immigration to Canada has become virtually synonymous with skilled worker immigration. And that’s not a bad thing too. Unlike an asylum seeker, a skilled worker is an economic asset who adds value to not just his/her Canadian...

Student Direct Stream

Startups and Self-Employed Persons—Overview of the Canada’s Federal Business Immigration Programs

Canada’s immigration system is designed to give primacy to economic immigrants, which includes not just skilled workers but entrepreneurs and business persons as well, over all other categories. Virtually every province has a business immigration stream as a part of its nomination programs. Yet, there are two federal immigration programs that business persons can explore...