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In Canada’s economy and society, caregivers play an important role due to its low birth rate and aging population, thus Canada grants immigration applications and provides work permits to numerous caregivers.

It offers two pilot immigration programs to caregivers to provide them with permanent residency in Canada. Additionally, it facilitates the applicants to gain temporary work permits while they wait for permanent residence. The programs are:

  • Home Child Care Provider Pilot
  • Home Support Worker Pilot

Criteria for Pilot Immigration Program for Caregivers

  • Full-time qualifying work experience of minimum 24 months in 3 years is required before application submission.
  • Language proficiency in English or French test with result showing 5 on Canadian Language Benchmark is needed.
  • Candidate must have post-secondary education of 1 year either from Canada or outside Canada.

Qualifying Work Experience

Work experience criteria as cited by the Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada(IRCC):

  • Work experience of total 2 years as cited under National Occupation Classification (NOC) codes 4411 or 4412. Even if the experience is continuous, it is still acceptable.
  • The work experience should have been full-time, 30 hours paid work each week.
  • The experience should be in one of the jobs and not a combination of both.
  • Candidate must demonstrate their work matches the NOC job description.
  • Full-time work is defined as at least 30 hours of paid work each week.

Caregiver applications with work experience in NOC 4411 (excluding foster parents) are suitable for Home Child Care Provider Pilot.

Caregiver applications with work experience in NOC 4412 (excluding housekeepers) are eligible for Home Support Worker Pilot.


IRCC takes care of the admissibility checks to ensure that immigrants are healthy and safe and are free of any risk to the health and safety of Canadians. Thus as per their background, each immigrant has to submit a different document, it may be:

  • Biometrics
  • Medical Exam
  • Police Clearance Certificate

If you too are a caregiver and looking forward to immigrating to Canada, our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs) can help you successfully complete the nitty-gritty of the Canadian immigration process. You can consult with our professionals for any immigration query right now.