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Agri-Food Immigration Pilot

Canada uses Agri-Food Immigration Pilot to invite foreign workers to support the agriculture and food industry. The nation accepts around 2750 applications annually as Agri-Food industry contributes $110 billion to Canada’s economy.

Under the Agri-Food Immigration Pilot program, the nation accepts applications for the below occupations:

  • Meat Processing
  • Retail Butcher
  • Industrial Butcher
  • Food Processing Laborer
  • Harvesting Laborer for Year-Round Mushroom Production
  • Harvesting Laborer for Greenhouse Crop Production
  • General Farm Worker for Year-Round Mushroom Production, Greenhouse Crop Production, Or Livestock Raising
  • Farm Supervisor and Specialized Livestock Worker For Meat Processing, Year-Round Mushroom Production, Greenhouse crop production Or livestock Raising

Agri-Food Immigration Pilot: Eligibility Requirements

Work Experience: Applicants’ Canadian work experience must be of 1 year, gained in last 3 years, doing a full-time, non-seasonal job, performing the duties of the work listed under eligible industries. Additionally, the employer hiring the candidate is required to submit a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) with at least a 12-month duration.

Job Offer: The applicant must withhold a valid job offer in an eligible occupation listed under one of the eligible industries for full-time, non-seasonal, permanent work. This job offer must be outside of Quebec.

Language Skills: The candidate must score 4 in Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) or Niveaux de compétence linguistique canadiens (NCLC) to confirm the required proficiency level in writing, speaking, listening, and reading skills in English or French language.

Educational Requirements: The immigrant must have a Canadian high school diploma or an ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) from a designated institute to show that you have received a foreign credential at the secondary school level or above.

Funds: One must display proof of funds to demonstrate they own enough funds to take care of themselves while settling in Canada.

Apart from this, eligible candidates in the meat processing sector who apply through this pilot program will be issued a two-year Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). For the same, meat processors are to draw a plan to support the temporary foreign worker in obtaining permanent residency.

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