How the Restoration of Status Canada works?

There are many foreign nationals who keep on visiting the country. They tend to stay at Canada or various reasons.  The major reason remains that they have not yet accomplished anything which is more intended on doing in Canada. They require extending their stay- the Restoration of Status Canada comes into the actual play.  

What is the Restoration of Status Canada?  

A restoration of status is essentially similar to any other restoration of the temporary resident status. Any visitor, worker, or student can extend their stay prior to any expiration based on the validity of their permit.  They have lost their proceedings to apply to the reinstate or to the restore their status. The condition appears based on the section 182 of the immigration and refugee protection regulations. There are specific regulations are under these sections and have more than 90 days or 3 months. These simply ensure the fact that they abided by the conditions on their initial permit to the country, Canada.

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Eligibility and Requirement for the Restoration Status

 Although, Canada is welcoming for any sort of stay in the country, but there are regulations to be maintained based on it! The Work permit Canada enables one to grab the restoration status if the following eligibility is met efficiently.

·         You should apply within the 90 days or 3 months as per the expiration of the status of your stay at Canada.

·         You should meet and maintain the initial requirements and conditions of your stay.

·         You do not have to fail to simply comply with any other conditions of your stay, be it work or authorization.

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·         If you have lost the status for the failing to comply they the following things should be taken care of: paragraphs, period of authorization, sub paragraphs, and related things.

To be honest, these are important things that one individual should attempt to apply for the restoration of the status once you left Canada will be very difficult to get it operative.  The time required for the extension is 3 months prior to get your entry and restoration extended with no hassle.

What are the documents needed?

There are certain documents needed for the Canada Immigration and restoration proceedings to take place swiftly. It includes;

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·         Proof of the restoration fee payment, which is around $200 USD

·         Photocopy of your passport pages

·         Photocopy of your travel identity, certificates and any other documents if you haven’t used the passport to enter Canada.

·         Photocopy of the current Canada Immigration documents like work or study permit.

·         Photocopy of your marriage certificate or license

·         Evidences of your current financial status and its extension duration in the premises of Canada. If you are willing to apply for the restoration status of Canada, then simply follow the process stated above for the further help. If you get through the eligibility test, then you can simply enjoy your time in Canada.