Know how to Immigrate Spousal and children sponsorship

Know how to Immigrate Spousal and children sponsorship

The Canadian government is strongly committed to keeping families together and allows parents to sponsor their children for immigration. Family Member Sponsorship in Canada is now easy if you know how to apply for it properly. If a child meets the respective curriculum of a dependent and the parents meet the requirements then they can submit the application for the Spousal and Children Sponsorship.

 The immigration of the Canadian family class immigration simply allows the sponsorship of the children, spouses, common law and conjugal partners, and even the grandparents.  Family class accounts for more than one in four of the new permanent residents who are admitted to Canada every year.

If your child is born in Canada or one of the child’s parents hold Canadian citizenship then there are strong chances to grab the citizenship for the child.  To qualify for the sponsorship of your parents or spouse or children you need to meet the eligibility of the Canadian rule and regulations.  As per the pre-determined notion immigration to Canada is made active.

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A Spouse/Partner

The spouse who is a legally valid marriage in the country of origin and under the Canadian law

Common-law partner: At least 1 year of the uninterrupted cohabitation in a conjugal relationship

Dependent child

A child is a dependant if the child is below 22 years of age. They don’t have any spouse or common-law partner in between. Any child over 22 years of age can be considered dependent if they have relied on their parents for majorly financial support.  Often the mentally ill child is also dependent.  The sole custody of the child must be on the precious spouse or present spouse who is a Canadian resident.  The Undeclared Spouse and Children are made into consideration, but if you fail to prove legal statements immigration is tough.

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Conjugal partner

A conjugal relationship is the one which has stayed for at least 12 months. It is either based on permanence or commitment similar to marriage or common-law. It is a place where a couple is prevented from living together. It may be due to immigration barriers, sexual orientation or marital status or religious reasons.

Same-sex relationships

This is considered to be valid for immigration purposes underspecified categories.

Canada Visa Extension can only be made possible if you are eligible for the legal terms. If you can show the extension of official work, or your income that will benefit you and the country then it by no means can be effortlessly extended.  Canada is a continent where they appreciate immigration and cherish diversity. It is easy to grab a Canadian resident ship if you are eligible for the basic terms. Check it out with notable brands.

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