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Spousal Sponsorship

Navigating the Dynamics: Insights into Spousal Sponsorship Arrivals for 2023

IRCC’s latest data reveals that the spousal sponsorship arrivals in Canada during 2023 have been dynamic. Here, we will highlight the growth overview. Following a robust 8.7% growth in October, the spousal sponsorship program encountered a transient decline of 14.8% in November, aligning with a general softening in overall immigration for the month. Despite this...

Influx of Ukrainian Immigrants

The Influx of Ukrainian Immigrants to Canada in Early 2024

As the deadline of March 2024 approaches, a substantial influx of Ukrainian immigrants into Canada is expected. Tens of thousands seek refuge from the turmoil resulting from the Russian invasion, aiming to utilize temporary emergency visas provided by the Canadian government. Extensive Visa Issuance and Current Arrivals Since March 2022, Ottawa has granted 936,293 emergency...

Two-Step Immigration Processes

A Comparative Analysis of One-Step and Two-Step Immigration Processes in Canada

Canada’s pursuit of economic prosperity through immigration has led to a nuanced exploration of the outcomes of one- and two-step immigration processes. Recent data from Statistics Canada sheds light on the economic trajectories of immigrants, offering valuable insights into the impact of the chosen immigration pathway. Understanding the Two-Step Immigration Process In the two-step immigration...

International Students as Permanent Residents

Canada Welcomes Over 355,000 International Students as Permanent Residents in Three Years

In a noteworthy development, more than 355,000 international students who pursued their education in Canada have obtained permanent resident status from 2021 to 2023, as revealed by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). This is part of a broader trend where over the past three years, a total of 627,000 former temporary residents successfully transitioned...

Francophone Candidates

IRCC Issues Update on Francophone Candidates in International Mobility Program

In a recent development, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has provided a clarification concerning Francophone Candidates in the International Mobility Program (IMP). The update, released on January 25, 2024, aims to offer clear guidance, particularly regarding exceptions for individuals involved in primary agriculture occupations. Scope of Exception: NOC Categories 4 and 5 The key...

Visa Requirement for Mexicans

Canada Contemplates Visa Requirement for Mexicans: A Strategic Shift in Immigration Policies

The Canadian government is currently evaluating the potential implementation of Visa Requirement for Mexicans nationals entering the country. This consideration arises from Canada’s commitment to address refugee inflows and prevent misuse of air travel for unauthorized entry, particularly from Mexico, as reported by the Reuters news agency. Policy Considerations: Preventing Indirect Access Public Safety Minister...

Permanent Residence Pathway

Canada Introduces New Permanent Residence Pathway for Former Minors in Protective Care

Canadian government has introduced a new Permanent Residence pathway to address a critical situation faced by a small number of individuals who came to Canada as minors, and were under the custody of child protection services but never obtained permanent residence or citizenship. The absence of status for these vulnerable individuals puts them at risk...

Ruling on Citizenship

Canada Declines to Contest Ruling on Citizenship Descent Limit

In a recent development, the Honorable Marc Miller, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, has announced that Canada will not be appealing a significant ruling regarding citizenship by descent. This ruling pertains to the so-called “first generation limit,” a provision in the Citizenship Act that currently prevents automatic Canadian citizenship for children born abroad to...

Francophone Immigration Policy

Enhancing Francophone Immigration: Canada’s Comprehensive Initiatives and Targets

In a significant development today, Marc Miller, the Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship, unveiled a comprehensive set of measures aimed at bolstering Francophone immigration outside of Quebec. These initiatives include a new Francophone immigration policy, the expansion of existing programs, a support program, and the implementation of the Action Plan for Official Languages. New...