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Investor Visa

With an aim to strengthen its economy, Canada has always welcomed new talent and foreign investors through numerous Entrepreneur and Investor Visa options along with provincial-specific nominee Programs.

Canada’s Start-up Visa Program or Investor Visa program facilitates foreign nationals to have permanent residence in the country and start a business anywhere in the country to increase employment and promote economic development. For this visa, the immigrants have to make a qualifying investment in the country. Additionally, the applicant and the business are required to fulfill a certain criterion.


Business Requirement

  • As per the business requirement, once a designated organization commits to the business, all the applicants (up to 5) are required to hold 10 % voting rights as the owners.
  • Along with the designated organization, these applicants must have 50% of the voting rights linked with the unsettled shares of the business.
  • After receiving the permanent residency, the applicant is required to actively manage the business while living in the county. Also, they must ensure that vital functions of the business are partially performed in Canada.

Letter of Support

To initiate the business in Canada, the applicant is required to have a letter that displays support and willingness to invest from the designated organization, which includes Venture Capital Firms ($200,000 investment), Angel Investor Groups ($75,000 investment); and Business Incubators.

Language Requirements

 As an applicant, one is required to score at least level 5 in the Canadian Language Benchmark level in either English or French.

Settlement Money

An applicant is required to display proof of funds to show they have sufficient funds to easily settle in Canada along with their family.

Provincial Nominee Program Entrepreneur and Investor Visa Options

Through the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), Canada invites immigrants to study, work, and settle in varied provinces of the country as per the provinces’ pre-set criteria and requirements. In addition to this, each PNP has a minimum of one entrepreneur or investor visa category to welcome the investors and entrepreneurs to invest and add to the economy of these provinces.,

The visa programs offered by varied Canadian provinces are:

  • Alberta: International Graduate Entrepreneur Immigration Stream and Self-Employed Farmer Stream
  • British Columbia: Entrepreneur Immigration Stream (Regional Pilot)
  • Manitoba: Entrepreneur Pathway and Farm Investor Pathway
  • New Brunswick – Business Immigration Stream
  • Newfoundland and Labrador: International Entrepreneur Stream and International Graduate Entrepreneur Stream
  • Northwest Territories – Business Stream
  • Nova Scotia: International Entrepreneur Stream and International Graduate Entrepreneur Stream
  • Ontario: Entrepreneur Stream
  • Prince Edward Island: Entrepreneur Work Permit under Entrepreneur Category, International Graduate Entrepreneur Category, and Farm Owner and Operator Category
  • Yukon – Business Nominee Program

Additionally, each visa program has its own rules and requirements that may arise numerous queries related to the same.

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