The process of sponsoring a spousal or partner might seem to be very simple.  You might think all that is needs to be done is if to sign some official papers and then you wait for approval from the government. However applicants should be aware that even though there is no point based award system and neither your career history nor your language proficiency is being evaluated, the government official does evaluate your relationship to ensure that it is genuine and real.

Immigration officials will do their best to assess your case and consider any relevant cultural practices from the country or rejoin you are from.  Nevertheless, there are always “red flags”   or indicators that may cause immigration officials to suspect that your relation is a not genuine and but rather a  “marriage of convenience “.

It is important to know what can be considered as “red flags” and how to deal with them best.  It is important that you prepare and submit be best application to convince CIC that your relationship is genuine.

You should also note that applications involving spouse who are living is countries of lower socioeconomic development often invites extra scrutiny from immigration officials.

Dependent Children or Adopted Children can be included in this application as long as documented proof is provided.

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