The New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (New Brunswick Immigration) aims for qualified candidates who meet specific economic and labor market needs in the province, 

There are four categories in the program: 

  • New Brunswick Express Entry Stream
  • New Brunswick Skilled Worker Stream
  • New Brunswick Entrepreneurial Stream
  • New Brunswick Post-Graduate Entrepreneurial Stream

Express Entry Stream

This program is designed for foreign nationals with the skills, education and work experience to contribute to the province’s economy. They must be ready to live and work in the province and meet the requirements for Express Entry

  • The applicant has submitted a federal Express Entry profile and has a valid profile number and Job Seeker Validation Code
  • The applicant must be currently living and working in the province; a letter of employment must be provided
  • The applicant has a valid Canadian Work Permit; a pdf copy must be provided
  • The NOC code for this current employment is for a position that matches NOC Level 0, A, or B: NOC code must be provided
  • The applicant has a valid language test score (IELTS, CELPIP, or TEF Canada) with scores equivalent to CLB 7 in all language competencies and a pdf copy of the result must be provided
  • The applicant has a valid Educational Credential Assessment (ECA); a pdf copy must be provided

All candidates must meet the regular eligibility requirements (make a link ) and submit the application to be considered. 

New Brunswick will occasionally invite candidate directly from the federal Express Entry pool 

Candidates will receive a Notification or Letter of Interest (LOI) from the province via Federal Express Entry account. Candidates who have received an LOI should proceed in the following manner:

Include in the message:

  • Your full name as it appears in your INB profile
  • A pdf copy or screenshot of LOI that you received from your Federal Express Entry account
  • Your federal Express Entry Profile Number
  • After the LOI is verified and acknowledge, the province will send you an Invitation to Apply (ITA) to the New Brunswick Express Entry Stream

Skilled Worker Stream

The stream is designed for Foreign Nationals who possess the skills, education and work experience needed to contribute to New Brunswick’s economy. Candidates must meet the program’s minimum eligibility requirements, have a genuine offer of employment from a New Brunswick Employer and have the full intent to live and work in the province on a permanent basis.

This stream will also help New Brunswick employers, unable to fill job vacancies with a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, recruit foreign nationals and international graduates whose skills are needed in the province.

Applicants must prove a genuine intention to reside in New Brunswick. Examples of ways intent can be established include:

  • Description of actions taken to permanently settle in New Brunswick.
  • Current employment in New Brunswick.
  • Employment search details.
  • Length of any previous and/or current period of residence in New Brunswick.
  • Community involvement.
  • Ability to support yourself in New Brunswick.
  • Connections to New Brunswick through work, study or family.
  • Professional networks and affiliations.
  • Residency including household lease agreements and/or property ownership.
  • Family ties and other social relationships and connections.
  • Details of prior visits to Canada.
  • Your connections to other jurisdictions in Canada


A genuine offer of employment

An employer has offered, and you have accepted, permanent, full time, year-round (non-seasonal) employment in an eligible occupation. Permanent means the job has no pre-determined end date; it is a long-term job offer. Full-time means that you are expected to work a minimum of 30 hours per week, or 1,560 hours per year.

Qualification for the position

The applicant must show that they are qualified for the position. Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour (PETL) may refer to the National Occupation Code (NOC) and industry standards, to determine the minimum qualifications for an occupation. 

PETL uses the NOC to classify jobs according to duties, skills, aptitudes and work settings for occupations in the Canadian labour market. The NOC helps determine whether a job meets the skill levels established for skilled, semi-skilled and low-skilled worker occupations, and whether the candidate’s qualifications and experience match the requirements of the job. 

PETL differentiates between skilled workers, semi-skilled and low-skilled workers. High-skilled workers are defined as individuals with an occupation within NOC 0, A, B. Semi-skilled workers have occupations that fall under NOC C. Low-skilled workers have occupations that fall under NOC D skill type 7, 8 and 9. PETL reserves the right to consider only certain types of jobs and occupations for nomination. 

Decisions are based on the economic situation of the New Brunswick labour market, current inventory, yearly nomination allocations distributed by IRCC, and any other factors determined by PETL.

Offer of competitive wage

The wage you have been offered must be competitive with New Brunswick wage rates for the occupation. The wage stated on your offer of employment must: 

  • meet or exceed the median wage level for the occupation in the region of New Brunswick where you will be working. For examples of market wage rates by occupation, visit
  • be comparable to the rate paid to workers with a similar level of experience and training for equivalent jobs in New Brunswick; and
  • be consistent with the wage compensation structure of your employer

Entrepreneurial Stream

The stream is designed for experienced business owners and senior managers who wish to become permanent residents by owning a business in New Brunswick (NB) and managing it, while residing in the Province.

The New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP), administered by the Department of Post Secondary Education, Training and Labour (PETL), is an immigration program that allows the Government of New Brunswick to nominate individuals with the greatest ability to become economically established in New Brunswick. 

This immigration stream is part of an economic immigration program and is not intended for family reunification, protected persons or for humanitarian and compassionate reasons. The New Brunswick Entrepreneurial Stream is an economic immigration program for experienced entrepreneurs who are ready to establish, operate and actively manage a business while living and settling in New Brunswick permanently.


Business Requirements

The business must have:

  • economic benefit to the province;  
  • a minimum of 33.33 percent ownership and assume an active senior management role in the day-to-day operation of the business; 
  • an established sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation; (in the case of a partnership, the other partner(s) must be a Permanent Resident or Canadian Citizen); 
  • a continued operation of an existing business or the establishment of a new business; 
  • a private-sector, for-profit entity with the primary purpose of earning profits through the sale of goods and/or services; 
  • a considered a “permanent establishment” as defined under subsection 400(2) of the Canadian Income Tax Regulations, 1985

Economic Benefit

Priority processing may occur for applications with business plans that have the greatest potential to create significant economic benefit through: 

  • increased value-added manufacturing or processing for New Brunswick exports; 
  • enhanced research and development; 
  • development of new products and/or services; 
  • development of innovative approaches to traditional businesses; 
  • development and/or enhancements of new technologies; 
  • the transfer of technology and specialized knowledge to New Brunswick; 
  • providing products and/or services to an under-served local or regional market; and 
  • other, as determined by PETL


When investing in a business, you must: 

  • make an eligible business investment of not less than CAD $250,000 before tax., PETL will not consider items purchased for personal use including, but not limited to, your principal residence and motor vehicles as part of your minimum eligible investment; 
  • control at least 33.33 per cent equity in the business. 

Please note total business investment excludes working capital such as rent, wages, leasing costs, cash flow and any other recurring expenses as deemed, by PETL, ineligible for the purposes of this program. Eligible investments must be derived from your personal net worth and may include but are not limited to:

a) Business Premises, including: 

  • building and/or land to a maximum of 25 per cent of your total business investment or actual cost, whichever is lower; and 
  • property improvements or leasehold improvements that increase the value of the business premises to a maximum of 25 per cent of your total business investment or actual cost, whichever is lower.

 b) Equipment used by employees to enable them to perform their day-to-day duties may include, for example: 

  • bookcases; chairs; communication devices; computers and laptops; desks; file cabinets; fire extinguishers; first aid kit; hardware including printers, scanners and shredders; light fixtures; office furniture; photocopier recycling bin; safe; stationery; and tools and devices. 

c) Equipment necessary for use in primary production and manufacturing of goods including, but not limited to:

  • machinery; 
  • raw materials, components and supplies; and 
  • shipping, installation and testing of equipment d) Initial inventory to a maximum of 50 per cent of your total business investment or actual cost, whichever is lower. Initial inventory is inventory purchased up to the opening day of your business. 

d) Intangible investments including: 

goodwill and/or intellectual property may not exceed 10 per cent of the net book value of the business. 

e) Professional services from North American companies including marketing, promotions and services in connection with establishing the business to a maximum of 4 per cent of your total business investment or CAD $10,000, whichever is lower. 

f) Vehicle to a maximum of 5 percent of your total business investment up to a maximum of CAD $15,000, whichever is lower. The amount must be amortized to reflect actual business use and a log like that used for income tax purposes is required.

Purchasing and established business

If buying an existing business, you must demonstrate to PETL that the business: 

  • has been in continuous operation by the same owner for the three years prior to the purchase date; and that the owner is a permanent resident or citizen of Canada; 
  • will be purchased at a proven fair market value; 
  • has achieved a proven net profit for at least two of the previous three years as demonstrated by audited financial statements; 
  • will provide for the continued employment to existing staff on similar terms and conditions; and 
  • is not in receivership and/or has not filed for bankruptcy for the three years prior to the date of purchase.

Creating Jobs

The business must create at least two full-time jobs for permanent residents or citizens of Canada living in New Brunswick. The two full-time jobs cannot include you, your spouse or common-law partner, your dependant children and/or other family members.

Operating the business

With respect to operating the business, you must: 

  • ensure the business pays income tax on taxable income earned in the province, regardless of income or other taxes that may also be payable in other jurisdictions as a result of income earned or other business activity; 
  • comply with all legislation in the province including, but not limited to, the Employment Standards Act, Human Rights act and Occupational Health and Safety Act; 
  • comply with all Canadian laws in establishing, purchasing and maintaining the business; and 
  • obtain necessary licenses/permits from all applicable municipal, provincial and/or federal authorities.

Active Management role in business

Providing active management to the business is a requirement of the Entrepreneurial Stream as set out in the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations (IRPR), section 87(6) (c). You must: 

  • assume risk and influence the direction of the business; 
  • provide ongoing and active management to the business from within New Brunswick; and 
  • be present at the business premises on a day-to-day basis.

Net worth verification report

If you receive an ITA, you must engage a professional accounting service provider, designated by PETL, to complete a Net Worth Verification Report on your behalf. The service provider will review your personal net worth claims and your accumulation of funds through an analysis of financial documents you submit to them. The service provider will produce a report that outlines: 

  • your total verifiable personal net worth; 
  • your total verifiable unencumbered funds; 
  • details regarding the legal accumulation of your funds; and 
  • whether there are any concerns that require further investigation

Site visits

PETL may conduct two to three site visits to the business premises to verify compliance with the terms and conditions set out in the signed and dated business performance agreement. Visits may occur on or about: 

  • the start of the business commencement date; 
  • 12 months after the business commencement date; 
  • the date the department receives your written request for the refund of the deposit of CAD $100,000, without interest.

Post Graduate Entrepreneurial Stream

This stream targets international graduates from recognized New Brunswick universities or community colleges.

Candidates must have started or acquired a New Brunswick business and operated it for at least one year, while holding a Post-Graduation Work Permit.


  • Be aged between 22 and 40.
  • Score at least level 7 on the Canadian Language Benchmark for speaking, listening, reading and writing in English or French.
  • Have completed at least two years full time post-secondary education at a recognized New Brunswick university or community college.
  • Have lived in New Brunswick for the duration of the course (distance-learning courses do not qualify).
  • Have 100 per cent owned and operated a business for one full year.
  • Have a valid Post-Graduation Work Permit.
  • Intend to live permanently in New Brunswick.

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